Re-open NH Task Force Notes – Reopen Task Force

Dates – topics for presentation and discussion.

  • April 23rd Food services
  • April 24th Retail and Recreation
  • April 27th Healthcare
  • April 28th Construction
  • April 29th Others incl Cosmetology
  • April 30 / May 1st ‘More others’ and Public Input

Industry Sectors will present to the Task force their recommendations for how they can open while simultaneously minimizing the adverse impact on public health. They must answer these questions as part of their proposals. The answers will be reviewed by both the Task Force as well as Public Health / Medical professionals.

  1. How to maintain proper social distancing?
  2. How to ensure continuous and frequent cleaning and disinfection of shared spaces.
  3. How can public hygiene be improved and cleanings of shared spaces be more routine and robust?
  4. What is the proper use and availability of PPE within each industry?
  5. What special policies or protocols should be implemented to ensure the safety for high risk populations?
  6. What PSAs and marketing of new tools and guidance should be used to publicly promote new behavioral norms?
  7. When and how to maintain tele-work policies and practices as appropriate to encourage social distancing?
  8. Policies on monitoring and excluding sick individuals from work?

Information or questions for the Task Force can be submitted to (or you can send to me @

This will be where the information for the Task Force will be centralized for public access:…/360003651294-GOVERNOR-…

Pursuant to RSA 91-A:2, this meeting is open to the public.

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